Keskeneräiset kujeet

Keskeneräiset kujeet

lauantai 4. helmikuuta 2012

Fun for the weekend!

This one goes to my Great Auntie's
dear husband, Uncle J!
He is always ready to play funny games,
so here you are!

Fold a piece of paper.
Write your name on it, on top of the folded edge.
Keep the paper still folded and cut it near your name,
making nice curves.
Do not cut the folded end.

Then the fun begins!
Turn the paper over and start to draw.
Funny faces, ears, eyes, legs, hats ....
what ever comes to your mind!

Idea is from here,
suomeksi: tästä blogista idea tähän hassutteluun.

Höpsötelkää kunnolla sisällä,
kun ulkona paukkuvat pakkaset!

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